DAWN OF DEMISE: ‘We Drink To Your Demise’ Video Released

Danish death metallers DAWN OF DEMISE recently inked a multi-album deal with Unique Leader Records. The band’s third full-length CD, “Rejoice In Vengeance”, was released on June 17.

According to a press release, DAWN OF DEMISE “has always emphasized on heaviness and catchiness and with three successful releases under their belt, their recipe for death metal has remained the same, staying true to the pit-fueled, aggressive, slam-orientated style.”

“Rejoice In Vengeance” track listing:

01. We Drink To Your Demise
02. Rejoice In Vengeance
03. Killing Spree
04. This Affliction
05. The Epitome Of Brutality
06. He Rises Again
07. Exsanguination
08. Indulge In Perversity
09. Ungodly
10. The Blood Stays On The Blade
11. Choke
12. The Immaculate Slaughter (feat. Frank Rini)

The official Hans Asmussen-created video for the song “We Drink To Your Demise” can be seen below.

Commented the band: “It is an honor to have signed a multi-album deal with Unique Leader. The label has released so many killer albums and must be one of the premier death metal labels around. PYREXIA, INVERACITY, DECREPIT BIRTH, AEON, DEEDS OF FLESH, SPAWN OF POSSESSION, etc. We are beyond proud to have our name added to that roster and we are looking forward to see what the future might bring.”

DAWN OF DEMISE‘s second full-length album, “A Force Unstoppable”, was released in January 2010 via Deepsend Records.

The band’s debut CD, “Hate Takes Its Form”, arrived in January 2008 via Deepsend. The CD was mixed and mastered by Jacob Hansen (ABORTED, MERCENARY, NIGHTRAGE). A follow-up EP, “Lacerated”, also came out in 2008.


Scott Jensen – Vocals
Bjørn Jensen – Bass, Backing Vocals
Thomas “Hotdogger” Egede – Guitar
Martin Sørensen – Guitar
Simon Blaabjerg – Drums

“We Drink To Your Demise” video:


“Rejoice In Vengeance” video:




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