The Danish one day festival Day Of Decay, which are set to be held the 16thJuly in Aalborg, Denmark, havegotten some last minute cancellations, and must regrettably announce that Danish MNEMIC and EnglishANNOTATIONS OF AN AUTOPSY are forced to cancel.

MNEMIC has issued the following statement regarding its cancellation:

“MNEMIC is sad to inform you that the band is unable to perform at the DAY oF DECAY festival thisupcoming Saturday. The main reason for the cancellation is because drummer Brian Rasmussen suffersfrom a pilonidal disease, that has required immediate surgery and treatment and we deeply regret to inform you that we have to cancel. We have tried to think of every possible solution to find a stand-in, but it has proven to be an impossible task. Our sincere apologies go out to the promoter and all ticket holders,especially those of you who had planned to see the band. We will hopefully make it up to you all.
– Mircea
“Day Of Decay has issued the following statement:

”We are very sorry to announce yet another cancellation, we have had way to many cancellations this year,we hope your guest will bare with us, since all cancellations have all been due to circumstance which wecan’t control. We think we have found some good replacement to our cancellations, but with thesecancellations it have been a battle finding a suitable replacement in the short amount of time.

But nonetheless we are proud to announce, the Swedish death/thrash metal band FACEBREAKER, whichhave current or former members of bands like Edge Of Sanity, Incapacity, Devian, Tormented and ScarSymmetry. The group have just released their third album “Infected” last October through Cyclone Empire.

But it have not been possible to find yet another band, therefore we instead give some extra playtime toour current bands, and on the side of that we have made a special price for beer in the first two hours.

Remember Day Of Decay will be held indoors, so if it will rain, you can stay nice and drive indoors. We areas said before located at DSB’s Stykgodsterminal in Aalborg, right next to Aalborg trainstation and busterminal.


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The line-up is as follows:
12.15 – Naked Lucy (DK)
13.10 – 9000 John Doe (DK)
14.05 – Fetus in Fetu (DK)
15.00 – Poison My Blood (BE)
16.00 – The Interbeing (DK)
17.10 – Gama Bomb (IE)
18.20 – Pitchblack (DK)
19.35 – Marionette (SE)
20.50 – Severe Torture (NL)
22.05 – Aborted (BL)
23.30 – Facebreaker (SE)
00.55 – Scar Symmetry (SE)

Ticket price in the door is: 275 Danish kroner.

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