DE LIRIUM’S ORDER: ‘Autistic Savant’ Video Released

“Autistic Savant”, the new video from Finnish technical death metallers DE LIRIUM’S ORDER (DLO), can be seen below. The clip, which was directed by Heikki Oinonen (MEDEIA), was filmed in freezing conditions — minus 30 degrees Celsius — in an abandoned factory in Joensuu, Finland.

According to a press release, “Autistic Savant” “concentrates on autistic savants, some of whom possess extraordinary capabilities such as prodigious memory or superior musical ability. The savant syndrome is largely a mystery despite of the extensive amount of research that has been conducted on the subject.

“A special notion on the video is that the band’s drummer, Ukri ‘Uge’ Suvilehto, who has achieved close to one million YouTube hits with his acclaimed drum videos, was playing with high fever, making the difference in temperature between him and the surrounding environment close to 70 degrees! The video also includes scenes shot underwater.”

“Autistic Savant” comes off DE LIRIUM’S ORDER‘s third album, “Veniversum”, which was released on March 23 via DLO Productions, distributed by Inverse Records.

According to a press release, “Veniversum” is “not to be taken lightly — its compelling sounds, myriad instruments, and incredible solos combined with unprecedented musical madness leaves you puzzled and wanting more.. will you survive this blasting inferno?”

“Veniversum” track listing:

01. Autistic Savant
02. .44
03. Maximum Sentence
04. Seppuku
05. The Gravity of Crime
06. Schizophrenic
07. My Kingdom from Baekdu
08. The Aftermath