DEAD SAMARITAN: ‘Royally F**ked’ Lyric Video Released

The official lyric video for the song “Royally Fucked” from Finnish thrash/death metallers DEAD SAMARITAN can be seen below. The track comes off the band’s debut album, “The Only Good Samaritan…” , which was released in December 2012 through U.K.’s Casket Music.

DEAD SAMARITAN, described as agressive yet groovy, thrashy and melodic, brings to mind the best parts of CARCASS and DEATH, with ENTOMBED and AT THE GATES thrown in for good measure.

“The Only Good Samaritan…” track listing:

01. Prelude To Perdition
02. The Monster to Create
03. Laid To Waste
04. Royally Fucked
05. Hell If I Care
06. Bleeding Ground
07. Thunderbolt
08. DB13
09. River Runs Red
10. In the Shadows Of The Mind
11. Welcome To The Death Zone
12. Into the Stellar Night

DEAD SAMARITAN started in January 2001 but didn’t adopt its current moniker until 2003.

After releasing three demos, the band went on a long hiatus because of lineup changes, studying and other personal matters.

In 2009, three new members — guitarist Matti Viholainen, bassist Eero Virtanen and vocalist Valendis Suomalainen (HEREM) — were recruited.


Valendis Suomalainen – Vocals
Matti Viholainen – Guitar
Marko Saarinen – Guitar
Eero Virtanen – Bass
Janne Honkanen – Drums