DEAD SHAPE FIGURE Parts Ways With Guitarist

Guitarist Kride Lahti has left the Finnish modern thrash/death-influenced metal band DEAD SHAPE FIGURE “due to personal reasons and lack of motivation.” The remaining members of the group state, “There is no bad blood between him and the band and we like to thank Kride for the years he shared with DEAD SHAPE FIGURE.”

DEAD SHAPE FIGURE has yet to announce a replacement guitarist.

The band will support KATAKLYSM on an East-European tour starting on May 18 in Rome, Italy. Also scheduled to appear on the bill are KARNAK and PESTIFER.

DEAD SHAPE FIGURE‘s second full-length album, “The Disease Of St. Vitus”, was released last October via Dynamic Arts Records. The CD was mastered at Virtalähde Analog Audio Studios in Helsinki, Finland.

The “Face On The Nails” video can be viewed below. The clip was shot in April by director Jussi Parviainen who has over 30 years of experience in the Finnish film industry, according to a posting on the group’s web site.

DEAD SHAPE FIGURE‘s debut album, “The Grand Karoshi”, was released in 2008 via Season Of Mist. The CD’s lyrical content was translated by Kallio into Finnish as a book of poetry, entitled “Loppusäkeet”.

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