DEAD SHAPE FIGURE To Release ‘Opus Victoria’ This Month

Finnish metallers DEAD SHAPE FIGURE will release their third album, “Opus Victoria”, at the end of April. The CD was recorded and mixed last summer at D-Studios by Jarno Hänninen and was produced by Alexandre Locher (also known as Xytras or Xy) of Swiss industrial black metallers SAMAEL.

Commented DEAD SHAPE FIGURE guitarist Juhani Flinck: “‘Opus Victoria’ is presenting a new and more mature sound of DEAD SHAPE FIGURE. As cheesy as it may sound, categorizing this album is impossible nor necessary. I think we have succeeded to make an album that is full of timeless and above all, honest music.”

For the first time in DEAD SHAPE FIGURE‘s history, the band decided to use an outside producer on the album. Xy really managed to take the band’s ideas to a new level.

At the end of April 2012, Xy flew to Helsinki to work with DEAD SHAPE FIGURE the new album during the pre-production stage. For one whole week, from early morning until midnight, they worked together in DEAD SHAPE FIGURE‘s rehearsal room. The band states: “Xy got us to understand that a good song doesn’t necessarily need thirty six riffs. He really opened our minds!”

“Opus Victoria” will be released in digital format and will be available in all the biggest online stores. In addition, there will be a limited vinyl version.

“The CD version of the album didn’t feel that interesting for the band and neither for the record label,” says Flinck. “Instead of a physical CD, we will save our listeners’ space in their CD stands and spread our music in easier way even for a wider audience. Personally, I wouldn’t be suprised if we didn’t release any new music on CD format anymore. The vinyl format is still supported.”

A hand-numbered vinyl version of the album will be available at a later date.

The “Opus Victoria” release party will be held on May 4 at On The Rocks in Helsinki.