DEATH WOLF: New Album Artwork, Track Listing Revealed

DEATH WOLF (formerly DEVILS WHOREHOUSE), the “horror-death rock” side-project of MARDUK guitarist Morgan Håkansson, will release its new album, “II: Black Armoured Death”, in February 2013. The cover artwork for the CD perfectly catches the spirit of DEATH WOLF‘s music: pale, horrid and stripped down black punk rock.

“II: Black Armoured Death” was recorded at Endarker Studio in Östergötland, Sweden and it includes 13 tracks with a huge variety in sound. Besides the DANZIG-influenced material in the vein of the songs of DEATH WOLF‘s self-titled debut album, you also get some thrash-induced wrecking balls like the in-your-face cover song with its super-catchy chorus, “Sudden Bloodletter” and “World Serpent”. “II: Black Armoured Death” offers a wide musical spectrum in its entirety and will surely be worth a listen for every fan of dark sinister punk rock with a certain metal edge.

“II: Black Armoured Death” track listing:

01. Noche De Brujas
02. World Serpent
03. Lord Of Putrefaction
04. Darkness Of Hel
05. Sudden Bloodletter
06. Malice Striker
07. Night Stalker
08. Luciferian Blood Covenant
09. Black Armoured Death
10. Death Wolf March
11. Little Black Angel
12. Snake Mountain
13. Rothenburg

DEATH WOLF will release a limited-edition seven-inch vinyl single, “Bloodscent”, on December 17. The set includes two brand-new tracks that server as a teaser for the second DEATH WOLF full-length album, to be made available in early 2013.

“Bloodscent” will be limited to only 500 hand-numbered copies worldwide and it will contain the following track listing:

Side A:

* Snake Mountain

Side B:

* Sudden Bloodletter

The band’s self-titled new album was released in May 2011 via Regain Records/Blooddawn.

DEVILS WHOREHOUSE changed its name to DEATH WOLF (symbolizing the strength, dedication and will shown in its creations) because “the music and philosophy behind the orchestra has outgrown its name,” according to a press release.

DEATH WOLF made its live debut in June 2011 at the Wave Gotik Treffen festival in Leipzig, Germany.


Morgan – Bass
Makko – Guitar
Maelstrom – Vocals
Hrafn – Drums

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