DECEASED: ‘Supernatural Addiction’ Reissued With Five Bonus Demo Tracks

DECEASED‘s classic album “Supernatural Addiction” has just been reissued via Hells Headbangers on CD, with an LP version coming January 23, 2013.

Featuring five bonus demo tracks and extensive liner notes from founding frontman King Fowley, DECEASED‘s masterfully haunting “Supernatural Addiction” was originally released in 2000 on Relapse Records. The effort saw these underground legends expand upon the epic narratives of the preceding “Fearless Undead Machines”, but put into punchier, more concise attacks without losing any of drumming vocalist King Fowley‘s characteristically creepy storytelling. Less “death metal” and more deathly heavy metal, this DECEASED album cemented their staus as one of the most unique and recognizable metal bands since the turn of the ’90s.

“Supernatural Addiction” reissue track listing:

01. The Premonition
02. Dark Chilling Heartbeat
03. A Very Familiar Stranger
04. Frozen Screams
05. The Doll With the Hideous Spirit
06. The Hanging Soldier
07. Chambers of the Waiting Blind
08. Elly’s Dementia
09. Dark Chilling Heartbeat (bonus demo track)
10. Frozen Screams (bonus demo track)
11. A Very Familiar Stranger (bonus demo track)
12. The Premonition (bonus demo track)
13. The Hanging Soldier (bonus demo track)