DEEDS OF FLESH Announces Lineup Change

Erik Lindmark, a founding member of the California extreme metal band DEEDS OF FLESH, has issued the following update:

“As many know, a couple years back we did a drastic member change where I decided to go from doing both vocals and guitar to just guitar and backing vocals and adding Corey Athos (FLESH CONSUMED) to the lineup. Corey was going to take over, basically, all of the vocal duties, allowing me to concentrate more on just playing guitar and doing some backups here and there. We thought this would be a good move, allowing the vocals to be more aggressive and in-your-face, like on our last release, ‘Of What’s To Come’. We made the decision while writing this album, which is why you hear the progression in both vocals and guitar work from our previous releases. This would also allow myself to get a bit more technical and crazy on the guitar work as you hear with the added leads and over writing on ‘Of What’s To Come’.

“Unfortunately, the years of playing has taken its toll on my left or fret arm and I have been diagnosed with a severe level of tendonitis. Recording is not an issue, because songs are broken up into small sections and I am still recording on the new release, ‘Portals To Canaan’, but live is an issue. If I play for more then about two minutes straight, I get an overwhelming amount of pain in my fret arm and can no longer put any pressure on the neck and have to stop. This, in turn, live would leave nothing for me to do if Corey is doing vocals and I need to be replaced on guitar. So what we have decided is I will be doing all vocals live, but not playing guitar. Might be a bit weird, but it’s either that or quit, which I do not want to do. On future releases I will still contribute to the writing process and recording, so I won’t be completely out of the loop as far as guitar work goes. Inevitably, this means Corey will not be part of the current lineup. He put in a tremendous amount of effort on the lyrics for ‘Portals To Canaan’ and will get writing credits in the release. We wish him the best with FLESH CONSUMED and all other future projects.

“This was a very difficult decision for me, but I feel it is the only decision to move forward with DEEDS OF FLESH. I am trying to remedy the situation, but we are planning on touring for the new release next year and didn’t want this to be a surprise, so thought this should be brought on now rather then later.”

The cover artwork for “Portals To Canaan”, the forthcoming ninth album from DEEDS OF FLESH, can be seen below.

Due on January 29, 2013 via Unique Leader Records, “Portals to Canaan” will feature “amazing artwork and numerous conceptual pieces” by Raymond Swanland.

A pre-production teaser for “Portals To Canaan” can be streamed in the YouTube clip below.

Commented the band: “This is only guitar one and drum mapping (no second guitar, leads or vocals) to give the fans an idea of whats to come.”

DEEDS OF FLESH‘s last CD, “Of What’s to Come”, came out in November 2008 via Unique Leader. The label previously described the follow-up to 2005’s “Crown Of Souls” as “nothing short of a masterpiece, combining the usual DEEDS OF FLESH sound with many added new elements, twisted and memorable guitar riffs and lead work, blistering drums, powerful vocals and mind-blowing bass lines.”



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