DEEP PURPLE Drummer Says Cancer-Stricken Former Keyboardist Hopes To Be Back Working In April

DEEP PURPLE drummer Ian Paice was interviewed on Edmonton, Alberta, Canada’s classic rock radio station CIRK K-97 97.3 FMwhen the band performed in town on February 21 as part of their 16-date Canadian tour. You can now listen to the entire 24-minute chat using the audio player below.

When asked for an update on former DEEP PURPLE keyboardist Jon Lord (pictured below), who last year revealed that he was fighting cancer, Paice said, “[Jon] was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, but really early, early stages. And we know it’s not a good one — whether there [ever] is a good one — but so far all the news from Jon is great. There are no more cancer cells being produced, and those that are lying dormant are being, hopefully, wiped out as we speak by a brand new treatment which he is over in Israel having right now. So we’re already thinking that he may be back working in April or May.”

Interview (audio):


Jon Lord is recognized for his Hammond organ blues-rock playing and unique sound and for his pioneering work in fusing rock and classical or baroque forms. He has most famously been a member of DEEP PURPLE, the band he co-founded in 1968.

Lord last year received the Honorary Degree of Doctor of Music from the University of Leicester.

DEEP PURPLE‘s 18th studio album, “Rapture of the Deep”, was released in November 2005. It was the fourth studio CD from DEEP PURPLE since guitarist Steve Morse joined the band in 1994. It was also the second album to feature veteran keyboardist Don Airey.

“Rapture of the Deep” was produced by Mike Bradford, who also worked on the band’s previous release, 2003’s “Bananas”.