DEF LEPPARD Guitarist To Release Fitness DVD, Book

DEF LEPPARD lead guitarist and MANRAZE founder/vocalist/guitarist Phil Collen will return by popular demand to the L.A. Fitness Expo on January 28, 2012 to meet and sign autographs with the public. He will be accompanied by his longtime trainer, Muay Thai martial arts champion and world champion coach Jean Carrillo. Collen and Carrillo together have started a training program, “Physical Mechanics”, which will focus on fitness regimens that range from first time workouts to extreme physical muay thai training. A fitness DVD and book are soon to follow.

As a rock and roll guitarist in an internationally successful rock band, Collen, 54, didn’t start out as a health and fitness enthusiast. After years of playing hard, partying hard, and leading a self-described “very unhealthy lifestyle,” Phil decided to make a change. In his early thirties Collen decided to quit drinking and partying. His live-saving conversion came just before his DEF LEPPARD bandmate and “terror twin” of the party scene, Steve Clark, died of a prescription drug and alcohol overdose in early 1991. Inspired to lead a healthier lifestyle, the sober Collen no longer needed to “recover” each day from the previous night’s debauchery, and instead found himself with numerous free hours in his day. Collen began exercising, running to start, and later taking up the martial art of Muay Thai kick boxing.

Collen has trained with Jean Carrillo for seven years. Jean brings with him a wealth of experience including his personal service in the French Special Forces, and working with the French Foreign Legion in Africa as an instructeur in close combat. He holds black belts in karate, tae kwon do and kick boxing, as well as being a French and European champion. Holding a Bachelor’s Degree in Physical Education, on top of his many other awards and accomplishments makes Jean Carrillo the optimal instructor alongside Phil Collen.

As the fathers of young children, both Collen and Carrillo know the importance of teaching our youth about good nutrition and fitness at a young age. They firmly believe it takes educating both parents and school teachers to help children gain the foundation of a healthy lifestyle at a young age and carry it throughout their lives. But, as someone who was himself a late “bloomer” in the exercise field, Collen feels that anyone can achieve a healthy lifestyle, no matter what age they start.

Collen began training in the martial art of Muay Thai kick boxing with Carrillo seven years ago and now both men, vegetarians as well, believe in bringing their positive experience to the masses.

Photo credit: Helen Collen