DEF LEPPARD Singer Performs At Birmingham Benefit Concert (Video)

According to the Birmingham Mail, DEF LEPPARD singer Joe Elliott performed at a special benefit concert this past Sunday, December 4 at The Roadhouse in Birgminham, England. The event, dubbed “Doin’ The Decent Thing”, was a fundraiser for Dick Decent, who has toured with DEF LEPPARDas the band’s keyboard player.

The 51-year-old Decent, who runs the Decent Pie Studios in Dudley and was described as DEF LEPPARD “sixth member,” was struck down with fluoroquinolone toxicity two years ago, which is a little-known illness caused by poisoning after taking antibiotics. It means Dick often struggles to walk, get out of bed, work or perform on stage.

Elliott said, “Unfortunately, Dick has been struck down with very nasty side effects from a prescription drug called Ciprofloaxin. Since then, Dick has been unable to work either at the university where he lectured, or on stage with the many bands that he had toured with previously. Daily life has become a nightmare of pain. Most days he is unable to even walk as the pain is so severe.”

Fan-filmed video footage of Elliott‘s appearance at the concert can be seen below.




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