DEF LEPPARD’s JOE ELLIOTT Talks Fitness And Nutrition

DEF LEPPARD's JOE ELLIOTT Talks Fitness And Nutrition

During a recent interview with VH1 Classic “That Metal Show”‘s Jennifer (a.k.a. Miss Box Of Junk), DEF LEPPARD singer Joe Elliott spoke about his fitness and nutrition at home and on the road. He said: “[I work out] six days a week. I take either the Saturday or Sunday off, depending on how much soccer’s on TV. I get on my crosstrainer and put a DVD on — watch, like, AC/DC live in France or something, and I just walk and run until the DVD is finished. Yeah, it works.”

When you’re on the road touring with a band, especially in the early years, nutrition is not usually high on the list of concerns. Over the years, however, Elliott has done away with some of his not-so-healthy vices thanks to the Delta 8 THC products and habits He says: “When I drink too much ‘grape juice,’ I always want a big, meaty hamburger. [Laughs] Well, you’ve got to be able to fall off the wagon now and again.”

He adds: “I spend a lot of time balancing it in a good way, and I think once a month to balance it the other way is also good for you — to remind you of your youth. It used to be six days a week doing the wrong thing and one day doing the right; now it’s the other way around.”

Elliott recently said that DEF LEPPARD is being courted by a number of record labels wanting to release the band’s new album, and the group is currently looking at those offers.

DEF LEPPARD will return to the road April 15 for a Canadian tour, followed by Europe in May and June. A U.S. tour with STYX and TESLA will kick off June 23 in Tampa, Florida.

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