DEFTONES Frontman Talks Upcoming Album In New Interview

DEFTONES debuted two new songs — “Roller Derby” and “Rosemary” — during a July 28 concert West Hollywood, California. Both tracks are slated to appear on DEFTONES‘s seventh album, which is tentatively scheduled for release on October 9. The CD will follow up 2010’s “Diamond Eyes”, which was the group’s most successful and acclaimed outing in years.

Speaking to QMI Agency, Moreno said that “Roller Derby” and “Rosemary” are not necesasarily the best indication of what fans can expect to hear on the upcoming effort.

“I don’t think those songs are the ones that best represent our record,” he said. “They’re two different songs, one is a lot more ambient [‘Rosemary’] than the other [‘Roller Derby’], the other is a lot more aggressive. But they’re cool, they balance each other out. The songs already sounded great live before we recorded them. When we wrote the record we pretty much wrote it live.”

DEFTONES worked again with producer Nick Raskulinecz, who produced “Diamond Eyes” and has also worked on albums by RUSH and FOO FIGHTERS.

“Internally over the years we’ve figured out better ways of making records,” Moreno told the QMI Agency about completing the new CD faster than usual. “We sort of just dragged them out for so long. We implemented a new regiment to our work ethic. We wrote it all from scratch, we don’t write on tour or anything like that. We were ready to go in there [the studio] and see how it feels in the daytime and get to work.”

The group also intends to continue their tradition of recording several cover tunes that could end up as B-sides, with Moreno revealing that they’ve been toying with songs from ELVIS PRESLEY and EARTH, WIND FIRE, among others.

“The fun stuff is playing somebody else’s song and recording it,” he said. “We’re always open to new stuff. It’s fun for us to do something that’s out of our element and something you wouldn’t expect from a heavier type of rock band. So hopefully it will be something that’s a little off the cuff and left of center.”




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