DEFTONES Guitarist’s SOL INVICTO: ‘Initium II’ EP Preview

A brand new full-length song from SOL INVICTO, the side project of DEFTONES guitarist Stephen Carpenter and Richie Londres from the C.L.P. (CULTURA LONDRES PROYECTO) on production/guitar, can be streamed using the audio player below. The track comes off SOL INVICTO‘s forthcoming seven-song EP, “Initium II”, which will be made available for free directly from the band. The follow-up to last year’s “Initium I”will include a bonus track featuring random audio clips submitted by fans.

“Initium II” audio preview:


“Everything is much more in focus since we put out ‘Initium I’,” Londres told AOL‘s Noisecreep. “It got a great reception from fans, which is nice because we made something different to what people were expecting. But then if they get what they are expecting, where’s the fun in that!? We keep them guessing!”

He added, “The sound of ‘Initium II’ is the natural progression from the debut EP. ‘Initium II’ is a nice bridge between the old stuff and the new stuff we have coming up. It’s heavy, but not over the top but still has a strong electronic vibe running throughout. We mix up live sounds but treat them as samples and back them up with midi.”

Regarding the aforementioned bonus song, Londres said, “[We thought] it would be a nice idea to get fans directly involved. What better way than put them in a track?” The song has about 40 different clips and the submission process certainly made things interesting. Londres added, “We got some really random submissions, but that’s what we asked for. I think there is one with a someone screaming out their cat’s name for seven seconds. I’m sure we can turn that into a bassline without too much trouble.”

The cover art for “Initium II” features “Suicide Girl” Gogo Blackwater and can be seen below.

For more details on the new EP’s release, visit the SOL INVICTO Facebook page.