Delain announce single and meaning behind the track

A lot has happened in the DELAIN camp since the Dutch band thrilled the masses with their second album “April Rain” in 2009. After a highly successful European Tour, followed by the enthusiastic reaction to DELAIN’s North/South American Tours – it´s clear that the pure energy of their live performances have heavily influenced the new material on their long awaited third long player. Delain have taken the time needed to hone this to perfection and the outcome: We Are The Others – is the most powerful, most atmospheric and intoxicating DELAIN album to date.

The band spent most of last summer with star producer Jacob Hellner (Rammstein, Clawfinger, Apocalyptica …) in his Stockholm studio, taking two months to collectively fine-tune the material for We Are The Others.

“Never before have we gone as much into detail in writing the songs” Charlotte reports, referring to the multiple writing-session on songs and lyrics in Stockholm, where she was recording her vocals parallel in a second studio with the vocal producers of the Epicentre team around Fredrik Thomander (Scorpions, Backyard Babies).

Already with their previous album “April Rain”, Delain successfully established themselves at the top of a genre, comparable to bands like EVANESCENCE, HIM or UNHEILIG, and of an ever growing and exciting mainstream market of dark tunes DELAIN is now an integral part of. Accordingly, the expectations of the fans and the band itself were pretty high after the critically acclaimed “April Rain” album.

Expectations that DELAIN meet and even surpass with “We Are The Others” as if it were the most natural thing. Thus, the band has long outgrown the niche – Delain have developed and advanced with their new material but on the other hand have remained loyal to their own sound. More details about the recordings in Sweden can be found on the bands studio-video-blog here:

At first glance some song titles on We Are The Others may sound mysterious and conspiratorial, but there is a very serious background: The lyrics to the title-track were inspired by the hate-crime against a British girl named Sophie Lancaster in 2007. She and her boyfriend were beaten comatose by a gang of youths, because of their goth looks. Sophie died from her injuries (check also: This tragedy sent shock waves throughout the world. DELAIN’s response to this tragic case is expressed through the song We Are The Others. Charlotte says:

“Sophie’s story hit close to home for us, being part of a subculture ourselves but it’s in no way an individual case; people are discriminated against -all the time- to the point of violence – based on their cultural or ethnic background everywhere. We Are The Others is our own ‘outsiders anthem’ for everybody who, deliberately or not, diverts from the norm. Whether it’s by looking different, acting different, or choosing a different path in life then is expected from you.”

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