Pioneers of Singaporean grind DEMISOR have inked a worldwide deal with Pulverised Records. The band is currently hard at work on material an as-yet-untitled new EP, to be released later this year.

Former in 1987, DEMISOR began churning out demos a couple of years later, having issued the “Mestectomy” demo in 1990 and the notorious “Oral Climax” demo in 1992, along with countless split albums throughout their entire discography.

Commented the band: “Enraptured by Pulverised signings, it’s an honor to work with Pulverised as we do know of their professionalism towards the core of extreme music. Pulverised indeed gave us the privilege to blast out to the masses with our kind of uber-obliterating grindcore!!! With the upcoming mini-album soon in line to be released under Pulverised, it definitely will pummel all aspects of grind holocaust that DEMISOR has ever churn out under the old zombie maniacs! Expect nothing but blistering grindcore tornado on this mini-album under the flag of Pulverised…. Be warned!”

Added Pulverised Records AR manager Calvin: “It was no sheer coincidence that DEMISOR came to be a part of the Pulverised roster; we had known the guys for years and had always shown a positive interest in releasing something for them but unfortunately, the time was never right and the other members in DEMISOR were heavily involved in their other respective bands. Towards the end of 2011, we got news from the band that DEMISOR is now officially back in full force and with the new EP planned and as well as a short Euopean tour coming up. There is no other better time than to unify this DEMISOR / Pulverised allegiance! The DEMISOR in 2012 shall manifest how grind is properly done!”

In other news, DEMISOR will take part in this year’s edition of the infamous Obscene Extreme festival in Trutnov, Czech Republic. The band will also embark on a European mini-tour, including stops in several other countries.