DEMON HUNTER: ‘LifeWar’ Video Released

“LifeWar”, the new Cale Glendening-directed video from Seattle-based Christian metallers DEMON HUNTER, can be seen below. The song comes off the band’s latest album, “The World Is A Thorn”, which debuted with the group’s highest placement on The Billboard 200 chart thus far, signifying the continued passion of the “Hunters” and the “Blessed Resistance”, as their official fan community is called. Also available online is “The World Is A Thorn” Digital Deluxe Edition, which contains the band’s music video for “Collapsing” and four acoustic tracks, including the never-before-heard cover of the ALICE IN CHAINS classic “Down In A Hole”.

With close to half a million albums sold around the world, DEMON HUNTER‘s unique connection with their fans and steadfast commitment to the presentation, message and musicianship of their output continues to invigorate and inspire. “Demon Hunter”, “Summer of Darkness”, “The Triptych” and “Storm The Gates Of Hell” are all landmarks in the genre. “45 Days” chronicled fans across the world (and in the Armed Forces abroad) whose lives have been touched in empowering and breathtaking ways by DEMON HUNTER‘s sound and fury.

With a new batch of songs at the ready, sure to inspire those who’ve drawn close to DEMON HUNTER classics like “Not Ready to Die”, “Fading Away”, “Undying”, “Carry Me Down”, “Tie This Around Your Neck” and more, Ryan Clark and DEMON HUNTER has just returned to producer/longtime collaborator Aaron Sprinkle to begin work on what will become the band’s sixth album.