Norwegian black metallers DEN SAAKALDTE have inked a deal with Agonia Records.

The band, which earlier in the year parted ways with vocalist Niklas Kvarforth (SHINING) and replaced him with Øyvind Hægeland (SPIRAL ARCHITECT, ARCTURUS, SCARIOT), has released the following statement regarding its new label home:

“Many dramatic changes occurred during the last year in DEN SAAKALDTE‘s reality.

“When Niklas decided no longer to continue with the band, many things passed from our minds… even just dropping the whole damn thing off.

“After the band discussing and coming to the conclusion that all the members wanted DEN SAAKALDTE to continue being active as a way of artistic expression but also as in a lifestyle attitude for us, we decided that certain things had to be put down and start all over again.

Agonia Records that has been following our ways and sharing our ideas on how things should be, gave us the opportunity to build the foundations for ‘Kapittel II:Faen I Helvete’ on solid ground. Filip [Jesion, Agonia head honcho] showed to us with quite devotion, the how much he wanted the band in Agonia Records‘ roster.

“We are looking forward to start with the recordings and we are even more excited to hear soundscapes, having now Mr. Hægeland as frontman.

“The future looks dark… and quite pissed off.”