DERIDE: ‘The Void’ Audio Samples Available

DERIDE, the Norwegian band featuring Kjetil Greve (AUDREY HORNE) on drums and Ole Walaunet (GRIMFIST) on guitar, will release its new album, “The Void”, on April 27 via Massacre Records.

“The Void” track listing:

01. Deathshake
02. I Rage
03. Dead To Me
04. Blood-Red Black
05. Only One
06. Fallen
07. All Must Be Revealed
08. Soul Depart
09. Devil In Me
10. Lesson Learned

Check out audio samples at

DERIDE has been lurking around for well over a decade by now, having made its first appearance in the summer of 1995.

The band released a self-titled EP as well as a three-track demo tape before issuing its first album, “Scars Of Time”, in 2001 and the follow-up CD, “First Round Knockout”, in 2003.

After a break of several years, DERIDE is now back with a new kick-ass lineup: founding members Ole Walaunet and Kjetil Greve have been joined by vocalist Per Helge Lande and bassist Tony Vetas.

DERIDE 2012 is:

Per Helge Lande – Vocals
Ole Walaunet – Guitar
Tony Vetaas – Bass, Vocals
Kjetil Greve – Drums