DESTINITY: New Footage From The Studio Posted Online

A 12-minute video clip featuring behind-the-scenes footage from the making of sixth full-length album from French melodic death metallers DESTINITY can be seen below. The CD is being recorded at Hansen studios in Ribe, Denmark with producer Jacon Hansen (DESTRUCTION, MAROON, HATESPHERE, ILLDISPOSED, MERCENARY, RAUNCHY, DEADLOCK). An early 2013 release via Lifeforce Records is expected.

DESTINITY‘s last CD, “XI Reasons To See”, came out in February 2010 via Lifeforce.

According to a press release, DESTINITY‘s music is “melodic and anthem-like while being technical and extreme at the same time. This is exactly what makes the band unique and relevant because [they are] not focusing on one single style of metal exclusively. DESTINITY pay attention to the tradition of death and thrash metal and are technically experienced. On the other hand you will find an impulsive, catchy approach to the sound of DESTINITY that will blow you away!”



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