DESTINY Unveils New Lineup

Long-running Gothenburg, Sweden-based metallers DESTINY have announced the addition of keyboardist Carl Dahlberg to the group’s ranks. This marks the first time DESTINY has a permanent keyboard player in the band, even though there have been keyboards on a few songs on all of the band’s previous albums except “The Undiscovered Country” before. With Carl in the band, there will be a new exciting dimension added to the music of DESTINY. Carl will be featured on both the anniversary album, “The Incompatibility Of Philosophical Terminology”, and “Global Warming”.

Drummer Roger Christiansson, a longtime friend of DESTINY bassist Stefan Björnshög even though they had never played together before, joined the band in December 2012. The group states: “Roger is prefect for DESTINY on every level and already on the first rehearsal it’s clear that Roger and Stefan will be a dynamic and heavy new rhythm section. It’s now decided that Roger will rerecord the drums for two of tracks of the anniversary album, ‘The Incompatibility Of Philosophical Terminology’.”

Vocalist Jonas Heidgert (DRAGONLAND) joined DESTINY in November 2012. He immediately started to record vocals for a planned digital single. Everyone that has heard the result so far has been overwhelmed and there is no doubt that Jonas‘ vocals and stage presence as well as his personality will fit DESTINY perfectly both in the studio and on stage.

Guitarist Michael Åberg has been a member of DESTINY since 2005. After all these years and numerous gigs with the band, it’s time for Michael to make his recorded debut on not just one but two DESTINY albums, “The Incompatibility Of Philosophical Terminology” and “Global Warming”.

Finally, there is the driving force of the ever-present bassist and main composer Stefan Björnshög, whose vision and music has molded DESTINY since he founded the band way back in 1982.

Photo credit: Lillian Christiansson