DEVIL: New Song Available For Streaming

Norwegian doom rockers DEVIL return with their second opus, after pleasantly surprising many with their 2011 debut, “Time to Repent”.

“Gather The Sinners” will be released on March 22 through Soulseller Records — on CD, limited gatefold LP and digital format.

The new album is a step up both in song writing, performance and production. It also varies from the doomiest they’ve ever done to the most classic heavy metal they ever done, and if that’s not enough: the most garage they’ve ever done. Fans of DEVIL will not be disappointed, and with a higher standard on all accounts, everyone can be confident that “Gather The Sinners” will be a worthy sophomore album.

“Gather The Sinners” track listing:

01. Coffin Regatta
02. Beyond the Gate
03. They Pale
04. Legacy
05. Restless Wanderer
06. Ladies of the Night
07. Darkest Day
08. Mother Shipton Pt. I
09. Mother Shipton Pt. II
10. Demons on Wheels
11. Southern Sun

The song “Southern Sun” can be streamed using the SoundCloud player below.

Comments the band: “As you all will experience this represents the doomier side of DEVIL, but we all ensure you that the album will contain everything from even doomier songs to plain heavy rock. We’ve accomplished so much in our short period of existence, and we’re still very humble, and hope you all will find pleasure in the new stuff as many of you did with the prior songs, and wish to take the opportunity to thank everyone out there who’s still keeping heavy metal alive and supported us on our way.”


Stian Fossum – Guitar
Ronny Østli – Drums
Thomas Ljosaak – Bass
Kai Wanderås – Guitar
Joakim Trangsrud – Vocals