DEVILDRIVER Frontman: AMY WINEHOUSE ‘Was A Great Artist’

During a recent interview with AOL‘s Noisecreep, vocalist Dez Fafara of California metallers DEVILDRIVER was asked about his reaction to Amy Winehouse‘s death in light of his band’s addiction-related issues with DEVILDRIVER‘s former bassist Jonathan Miller. “Get off drugs. Get off hard drugs,” Fafara replied. “If you’re on hard drugs right now and you’re listening to this, get off hard drugs — now. Your spirit will tell you what’s good and what’s bad, and you know what you’re doing.”

He added, “I feel sorry because [Amy was] a great artist, man. Her first record is amazing.

“I listen to everything from blues to black metal, I’m not just that solid metal guy.

“I feel sorry for everyone around her. Great talent.

“My whole thing is, if I see you going over the deep end, you’re not going to do it on my watch. I left COAL CHAMBER because they were all on drugs, on methamphetamine, and I knew me going on stage was feeding them money, feeding them drugs. I left. And with Jon, this time I don’t have to leave, you leave.”

DEVILDRIVER‘s current bassist Aaron “Bubble” Patrick (ex-BURY YOUR DEAD) suffered a back injury last week but was able to recover in time to perform with the rest of the band at the Heavy T.O. and Heavy MTL festivals over the weekend.

“The new lineup is amazing — not even a hitch,” Dez said. “We had no idea he’d be the guy. He plays bass, and we said, ‘How many tunes do you know?’ And he said, ‘I know them all.’ He filled in and now he’s filled in for near 70-100 shows.”

When asked if Patrick is officially in DEVILDRIVER now or still just earning his stripes as a touring member, Dez said, “At this point, it’s working so we’re just not thinking about it. I’m sure there will be a statement one day — he’s in or he’s out. But look, he’s done 100 shows with us — seems like he’s hanging out. He’s a great guy and he’s straightedge. He brings a whole feeling to the band that’s different and I’ve watched everyone come to their senses, really, as well.”

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