DEVILDRIVER Guitarists Interviewed By FORBES Magazine

DEVILDRIVER guitarists Jeff Kendrick and Mike Spreitzer recently spoke to about their web site property All Axess, whcih is shaping up to become a premier online guitar community, a hub for guitar “geeks” and a destination site for fans interested in gaining an all-access pass to their favorite riff peddlers.

“The web site was created out of artistic love of the guitar,” said Kendrick. “But it was also created out of necessity. It’s a different type of offering. It’s also a view of the music business from people who are currently living it.”

“We’re giving users access to tools and writing skills that maybe they wouldn’t have thought of on their own,” added Spreitzer.

About the music industry as a whole, Spreitzer said, “We live in a post-Napster world. A lot of bands survive these days by touring a lot more than they used to. Touring used to be a way to promote the record to get more record sales. Now it’s all about merchandise — wristbands, hats, beanies, necklaces, rings, shoes, stickers; it’s like a little portable shop that bands bring with them everywhere.”

“The record used to be the end-all-be-all. The catalyst of a band’s activities,” said –Kendrick. “Now music is information and information is all over the Internet.”

While there are lots of guitar-oriented and guitar-driven sites crowding the digital space, –All Axess was created to fill a specific need in that realm. There are lots of YouTube videos of fans attempting to teach viewers how to play certain songs via webcams; however, upon closer inspection, it’s clear that lots of these “lessons” are incorrect. All Axess aims to feature clear, concise, and most importantly correct, guitar lessons from the actual guitarist who wrote the song, demonstrating how to play the song as it was intended. It’s like having your favorite guitarist serve as your own personal guitar instructor.

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