DEVILDRIVER’s KENDRICK Talks About His Online Guitar Community In New Video Interview

A two-and-a-half-minute video clip of DEVILDRIVER guitarist Jeff Kendrick talking to ARTISTdirect about, the online guitar community he started with fellow DEVILDRIVER axeman Mike Spreitzer can be seen below. is shaping up to become a premier online guitar community, a hub for guitar “geeks” and a destination site for fans interested in gaining an all-access pass to their favorite riff peddlers.

The site has been gaining steam and growing steadily ever since its official launch, which took place on January 31. The site quickly but quietly gained 13,000 members in that short span of time and is on pace to grow exponentially through the end of the year and beyond. It’s only just beginning for this popular, heavy metal guitar tandem.

While there are lots of guitar-oriented and guitar-driven sites crowding the digital space, was created to fill a specific need in that realm. There are lots of YouTube videos of fans attempting to teach viewers how to play certain songs via webcams; however, upon closer inspection, it’s clear that lots of these “lessons” are incorrect. AllAxess aims to feature clear, concise, and most importantly correct, guitar lessons from the actual guitarist who wrote the song, demonstrating how to play the song as it was intended. It’s like having your favorite guitarist serve as your own personal guitar instructor! You can’t beat that!

The site will also provide viewers and aspiring guitarists with a “Virtual All-Access Pass,” hence the name, to their favorite guitarist. Years ago, getting your favorite guitarist to answer a question or to provide some insight on how he or she handles riff or to physically demonstrate how to your favorite guitar part would have been next to impossible. But thanks to the advances of modern technology and the development of, access (or “axess”) to these artists is now much more feasible. “All Axess” was founded with the focused goals of narrowing the gap between modern rock gods and their fans and of providing a resource for guitarists.

One of the features of the site will allow fans to posts comments on the videos, to which the guitarists will be able to respond and to participate in a dialogue. It’s like an open-ended, interactive lesson that is a direct line to the guitarist and his amp! During the soft launch, ROB ZOMBIE‘s John 5, Marc Rizzo and PERIPHERY‘s Misha have all taken the time to reply to comments left on their videos.

The initial round of interviews on have been conducted with luminaries like the aforementioned John 5, Jim Root of SLIPKNOT and STONE SOUR fame, Marc Rizzo (SOULFLY, CAVALERA CONSPIRACY, ILL NINO), Scott Middleton (CANCER BATS), Tommy Victor (PRONG) and Canadian up-and-comers BAPTIZED IN BLOOD.

Videos featuring IN THIS MOMENT, SLAYER, UNDEROATH, SUICIDE SILENCE and REVOKER will be released in the coming weeks, making a destination, a hub and a site that must be bookmarked and checked regularly.

“Only a few years ago it would’ve been almost impossible for fans to reach out to their favorite guitarists but with the advent of social media, it has become a lot easier,” Kendrick said. “We want to bridge that gap even more and make it easy for fans to ask their favorite guitarist’s questions that will help them improve their playing. That is why we created All Axess.”

Spreitzer concurred, saying, “When we first came up with the idea for All Axess, it was purely about making sure people were learning how to play songs correctly and being able to ask the artist’s questions. Already it has grown into so much more. We now include gear reviews, rig rundowns and with the re-launch, we will be adding several more new sections. This site is growing quicker than we ever expected and we hope that one day, it will be one of the largest online guitar communities in the world.”