DEVIN TOWNSEND Interviewed On ‘The House Of Zazz’

On August 24, Sam Hatch of WWUH Radio‘s metal show “The House Of Zazz” spoke with Devin Townsend, Canadian multi-instrumentalist and ex-STRAPPING YOUNG LAD mastermind, about his upcoming DEVIN TOWNSEND PROJECT release “Epicloud”. Devin explains the concept (or anti-concept) behind the new disc, and how it is both a response to the four-album suite that preceded it and an exploration of the desire to maintain a positive outlook in the shadow of an increasingly negative world. He promises that the album will be a conscious attempt at sidestepping overlong, self-indulgent songs in favor of slabs of straight up, pretense-free rock numbers.

“My love for AC/DC or DEF LEPPARD is definitely going to win out at this point in life versus ‘Well, this is a fifteen-part saga about a lonely gnome,'” Devin said.

The boys also delve into the foibles of turning 40 and how that affects performing, the near-failure of the four-concert series seen on the “By A Thread: Live In London” 2011 DVD, how concert audiences are rewarded while the music industry withers, attitudes on album production, the art of balancing multiple guitar endorsement deals, a flashback to the days of being a hired gun for FRONT LINE ASSEMBLY, the temptation to ditch popular music for scoring movies, and the relative merits of Lucky Charms and Cap’n Crunch.

You can listen to “The House Of Zazz” Tuesday nights/Wednesday mornings from midnight until 3:00 a.m. Eastern Time on 91.3 FM WWUH (in Connecticut) and streaming live via the Internet at

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