DEVIN TOWNSEND: ‘War’ Performance Clip From ‘The Retinal Circus’ DVD

DEVIN TOWNSEND: 'War' Performance Clip From 'The Retinal Circus' DVDRenowned multi-instrumentalist, singer, songwriter, producer and now ringleader Devin Townsend played a special concert October 27, 2012 at the Roundhouse venue in London, England as part of a one-night-only event, dubbed “The Retinal Circus”, that was recorded for both DVD and Blu-ray, to be released on October 29 in North America (Sepember 30 in Europe) via InsideOut Music.

The official promo video for the song “War”, taken from the forthcoming DVD, can be seen below. The clip was produced, directed and edited by Paul M. Green for Cybertech Productions.

“The Retinal Circus” will be released on several formats, including a lavish and bonkers limited edition befitting of the man himself, and which took months of hard work to put together. The complete list of formats is below:

* Standard 2-disc DVD
* Standard 1-disc Blu-ray
* Standard 2-CD audio
* Special edition (2 DVDs/1 Blu-ray/2 CDs) box set
* Diehard deluxe fan box including 2 DVDs, 1 Blu-ray, 2 CDs (full details of contents to be revealed soon)

In a recent interview with Ghost Cult Magazine, Devin stated about how “The Retinal Circus” came to be: “I’ve been making music for so long and the main hurdles I’ve run when dealing with any public exposure is that many of my projects are so different from each other. There is the cyber thrash/death metal stuff, pop, rock, silly music and everything in between. So when a new record is presented to record stores and magazines, people have difficulty with how to label my music. So when I signed on to the new management I have now, the main problem we were facing was in terms of how we should make my music more visible. What I said to them is that the aesthetics of each album may be different but the intention is the same and that’s being true to whatever I wanted to do. So they came up with the idea of using the platform of a circus to essentially present my back catalogue in some way to people in one space. The logistics of that took approximately a year and there were close to a 100 people involved with it. The whole thing was wrapped in a dubious story, but a story nonetheless, and all the things that went into articulating that. We worked on it up until the point of rehearsal. We essentially rehearsed the whole show with all the performers in a period of only two days due to financial restraints. That’s essentially how it went. It was chaos, then incredible chaos and then unbelievable chaos and then it was over. After that, it came down to mixing and coming up with the artwork and that was another hurdle to get over.”

He added: “It went well, but it’s fair to keep in mind that I did a lot of editing, not only to the audio, but also to the video to try make it as close as possible. to the original vision behind ‘The Retinal Circus’. During the actual show, there were syncing issues with the video, people coming in at the wrong time and some of the gear went down. I had a debate whether it was more important to leave the show exactly as it was or to make it as close as possible to how I envisioned it. I decided to do the latter thing, because it’s my thing. Every time I put it on, I saw the mistakes and I viewed those mistakes as unneccessary distractions.”