DIMEBAG’s ‘Razorback’ Guitar Sketches Posted Online

A collection of original sketch designs, drawn by PANTERA guitarist Dimebag Darrell for his Dean Razorback guitar can be seen below. The image was originally posted by Dean marketing director Curse Mackey on his official Tumblr page.

Dean created the Razorback line and began selling the guitars after the 2004 death of Abbott, who was known for performing with a razor blade around his neck.

In 2007, the University Of Arkansas sued Dean, claiming the Razorback guitar brand infringed on the school’s copyright. The Arkansas athletic teams bear the Razorback name. A May 2008 settlement gave the university licensing control over the guitars, but Dean got to keep selling them.

Within three years of its release, the Razorback became one of Dean‘s best-selling and most recognizable guitar lines, with its barbed wire-like ultra-sharp points and massive presence. The Razorback is a 21st century form of the Classic Dean ML shape Dimebag Darrell first played over two decades ago.