DIO: Newly Remastered Edition Of ‘Holy Diver’ Coming This Month

Audiophile specialty record label Audio Fidelity will release a newly remastered edition of DIO‘s classic debut album, “Holy Diver”, in January 2012 as part of its 24K Gold Compact Disc series. This new edition promises to be a significant sonic upgrade over past releases of this timeless debut due to the use of the original 1983 Sound City studio analog 30 ips AES half-inch non-Dolby original stereo mix tapes along with the mastering expertise of renowned audiophile music restoration specialist Steve Hoffman. Most previous releases relied on post-EQ’ed cutting tapes.

“Holy Diver” is one of the most respected albums in rock and metal and Ronnie James Dio was one of the most talented and respected artists in the world.

Leaving BLACK SABBATH to create a new group built around his formidable singing and unquestionably stellar songwriting, “Holy Diver”‘s stunning quality and consistency owed much to Dio‘s carefully chosen bandmates, including powerhouse drummer (and fellow BLACK SABBATH survivor) Vinny Appice, veteran bassist Jimmy Bain, and a phenomenal find in young Irish guitarist Vivian Campbell, whose tastefully pyrotechnic leads helped make this the definitive DIO lineup. The group entered the studio to record their debut album in early 1983. Produced by Ronnie James Dio, “Holy Diver” consists of nine original cuts penned by the singer and various band members. Included are such distinctive DIO cuts as “Stand Up And Shout”, “Straight Through The Heart”, the title track and the concert favorite “Rainbow In The Dark”.

Hailed by critics as DIO‘s best work, the album was eventually certified platinum in the U.S. The CD contains a two-page spread copy of the photo-montage LP liner with images from both RAINBOW and BLACK SABBATH days that was included in the original vinyl release.