DIR EN GREY: ‘The Unraveling’ Artwork Unveiled

The unique, artful Japanese rock band DIR EN GREY will release a mini album, “The Unraveling”, on April 3. The effort will contain seven tracks, including a new song, “Unraveling”. The cover features original artwork by artist and sculptor Yasuyuki Nishio. This intriguing artwork is the result of the fusion between DIR EN GREY‘s expressions to this day with Yasuyuki Nishio‘s perspective of the world, bringing forth yet another release that exhibits an overwhelming sense of existence.

“The Unraveling” track listing:

01. Unraveling
02. Karma
03. Kasumi
04. Karasu
05. Bottom Of The Death Valley
06. Unknown.Despair.Lost
07. The Final

For more information, visit www.direngrey.co.jp.

DIR EN GREY released a new single, “Rinkaku”, in December. According to a press release, “the track is unlike anything you have heard before, almost overturning the band’s musical concept on a new scale, coming in with a range full of depth with Kyo‘s vocals that evoke classical elements in this beautiful and intricate melodic track which builds up dramatically with the intertwining guitars and bass. ‘Rinkaku’, mixed by an internationally acclaimed engineer, has turned out to be an inimitable track with an intense sound.”

The initial limited version of the “Rinkaku” single features a bonus DVD featuring scenes from the single’s recording sessions. The limited deluxe version features a bonus DVD featuring scenes from the recording of “Rinkaku” and the band’s November 11, 2011 concert at Tokyo Dome City Hall.



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