DIRGE WITHIN: Behind-The-Scenes Footage From ‘Memories’ Video Shoot

Behind-the-scenes footage from the video shoot for the song “Memories” from the Chicago heavy metal quintet DIRGE WITHIN can be seen below. The clip was filmed last month with local director Peeler.

Commented DIRGE WITHIN guitarist Shaun Glass: “The video has a very cool storyline as well as some exciting new elements; we think it will blow people’s minds.”

“Memories”, as DIRGE WITHIN vocalist Jeremy “Jerms” Genske explains, is one of the more emotional tracks on the band’s sophomore album, “There Will Be Blood”, as it addresses the sensitive subject of losing someone close to you.

“For me, the song is about the loss of one of my old friends to suicide — the fact that it came out of nowhere when it happened, and how it still lives with me,” said Genske. “But the beautiful part about it is that it’s open to individual interpretation. Anyone can take their own feeling from it.”

DIRGE WITHIN‘s sophomore album, “There Will Be Blood”, was released on April 10 via Rocket Science Ventures/THC: Music. The CD was recorded at Mercenary Studios in Zion, Illinois with engineer Scott Creekmore and producer Ari Mihalopoulos and was mixed at Inner Light Studios with Ari and DIRGE WITHIN guitarist Shaun Glass.

Guitarist Matt Szlachta left DIRGE WITHIN to continue to focus on his passion for teaching guitar to his students and for other personal reasons. He has since been replaced by Chuck Wepfer.

DIRGE WITHIN‘s new album is the band’s first to feature drummer Frankie Harchut and bassist Jeff Paulick (bassist/vocalist of LAZARUS A.D.), who has been filling on bass duties on tour with DIRGE WITHIN.

DIRGE WITHIN‘s debut album, “Force Fed Lies”, came out on September 1, 2009 via E1 Music.




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