Disquiet: ‘Scars of undying grief’ trailer released

Dutch Melodic thrash metalheads Disquiet puts trailer for the upcoming album ‘Scars of undying grief’ online which will be released late 2011.

Melodic thrash metalheads Disquiet were founded in March 2000. With their first 2 demos (‘Above the Law’ in 2000 and ‘The Plague’ in 2002) numerous shows were played in this period.
Throughout the coming years continuous changes in the line-up and other setbacks resulted inyears of silence..

Despite this misfortune Disquiet kept developing with a strong believe in their music. Their style moved to Bay Area orientated thrash metal mixed with melodic European metal elements. From Testament to Arch Enemy altered with some modern metalcore influences. The three track promo ‘Hate Incarnate’ (2008) indicates this start of a new era.

May 2011, the band finished their first full-length album ‘Scars Of Undying Grief’. A product of perseverance, produced by Tommie Bonajo (Blind Sight) which demonstrates Disquiet’s approach of modern metal. First single ‘Trenches Of Blood’ was already featured on 22tracks and can be listened to on the channels beneath. The album will be released officially end of 2011.