DISTURBED Bassist Says ADRENALINE MOB’s Music Is ‘Right Up His Alley’

Adam Lawton of Media Mikes recently conducted an interview with DISTURBED/ADRENALINE MOB bassist John Moyer. A couple of excerpts from the chat follow below.

Media Mikes: Can you tell us how you got asked to join ADRENALINE MOB?

John Moyer: DISTURBED are taking an extended hiatus and I really wanted to stay creative and keep playing. Word had gotten to Mike Portnoy [ADRENALINE MOB and ex-DREAM THEATER drummer] that I was going to be possibly available. Mike gave me a call to talk about the project and he had also sent me a couple tracks. I thought they sounded great. I flew out to Philadelphia to jam with the band and I loved it.

Media Mikes: What were your first thoughts on the material when you were listening to it?

John Moyer: I was very impressed with how much it was in line with my style of playing. I’m not a progressive rock player, as my previous work with DISTURBED and UNION UNDERGROUND is more of a rock/metal fusion. I grew up listening to bands like METALLICA and GUNS N’ ROSES. You put those two bands together and that has always been my style. I didn’t know what the tracks were going to sound like but when I finally heard them they were right up my alley.

Media Mikes: How much were you involved with the actual recording of the “Omertá” album?

John Moyer: I did absolutely nothing for the recording. (Laughs) The only people who played on the recording were Russell [Allen, ADRENALINE MOB and SYMPHONY X singer], Mike O. [Mike Orlando, ADRENALINE MOB guitarist] and Mike P. the bass lines I am playing are the ones there were laid down by Mike Orlando. It’s great, though, because he is a super-talented musician with a great feel. Any time I learn someone else’s material, I really learn a lot. It makes my own playing style grow. The thing that’s cool, though, is what Mike put down on the record is pretty in line with what I would have done anyways. It has been fun learning the new material.

Media Mikes: Have you noticed any similarities between this band and DISTURBED?

John Moyer: We are definitely in the same genre. The other guys in the band all come from bands that are a part of the progressive rock genre. That genre is a bit different than that of where bands like DISTURBED and GODSMACK come from. However, ADRENALINE MOB fits right in with DISTURBED and the other bands in the rock/metal genre. What the other guys in the band bring to the table makes in quite a bit different than what DISTURBED does. Those guys are bringing their own flavor to the rock/metal genre.

Read the entire interview from Media Mikes.


Photo by Kellie Hoeke