DISTURBED Bassist Talks About ‘Natural Ear Music School’

DISTURBED/ADRENALINE MOB bassist John Moyer recently spoke to KABB-TV, the Fox affiliate in San Antonio, Texas, about the Natural Ear Music School, which is owned and operated by Moyer and teaches kids to play rock ‘n’ roll by ear by grouping kids in a similar age and experience range to form a functional band unit. The school was established in Austin, Texas in 1991 will open a school in San Antonio this summer.

Natural Ear Music School was the first school of its kind, teaching music by ear instead of using sheet music. The teachers are not your normal “music teachers” — they are working members of the Austin music scene, each with a history in the local lore, ready to pass on the tradition of live music performance to the next generation of musicians.

John started teaching at Natural Ear Music in 1999 when his first band was just getting signed. Over the past thirteen years, John has played on eight major label releases and has toured the nation and the world countless times over but he always made time in his schedule to teach at Natural Ear Music.

“I have always loved teaching and I am amazed by the talent of today’s youth… especially in Austin,” said Moyer.

John lives in South Austin with his wife, Kristen, and his two children, Kiley and Logan.