DISTURBED Frontman’s DEVICE Confirmed For This Year’s GIGANTOUR

Joe D, host of “Saturday Night Scream”, which airs Saturday nights on 95X in Syracuse, New York, spoke with Dave Mustaine of MEGADETH earlier this week about the band’s new album, “Super Collider”, and this year’s edition of Gigantour, the critically acclaimed package festival founded in 2005 by Mustaine.

Asked how David Draiman‘s (DISTURBED, DEVICE) guest appearance on “Super Collider” came about, Mustaine said: “[Draiman and I] met when we did the [Rockstar Energy Drink] Mayhem Festival a couple of years ago. That was the year that my arm got blown out on the tour again and I finished the tour with just two fingers, which is… It’s pretty hard to play MEGADETH songs as it is, but [even more so] with two fingers… I think that kind of impressed David a little bit. So we kind of talked a little bit and became friends. And [MEGADETH producer] Johnny K had done the [first couple of] DISTURBED records, so we kind of all were talking about the band, and [Draiman‘s] name just came up and I asked him, ‘Hey, would you come out and give me some ideas, help me with some of these songs a little bit, tell me what you think, and let’s see what we come up with.’ Just like throwing spaghetti at the wall — see if it’ll stick. And it was pretty cool. He came up with two really great ideas. The record was done and I was over at his house listening to the new DEVICE record. I said, ‘Hey, you know what?! Would you be interested in singing this part at the end of ‘Dance In The Rain’. Because we wanted to have another guy do it, but he just was too full of himself and thought that he could make us wait. When we were just about to master, and I don’t know anybody in the real world when you say, ‘We’re just about ready to master,’ would make you wait a couple of weeks just so they could grace your presence with their vocal part. And Dave did it, and I’ve gotta tell you, I think that, knowing how the two artists sound, I don’t know that the other guy is even capable of touching the performance that Draiman did. So that was awesome for us. And I was so excited, I asked him to be on Gigantour this year.”

Regarding the rest of the lineup for this year’s Gigantour, Mustane said: “I’m kind of just dropping little hints here and there, and I wanted to share that news with you about DEVICE so that you could run with that before anybody else says anything. We haven’t said anything about any of the bands yet until just today, and as far as I know, nobody knows ’cause we’ve kept it totally under wraps.”

He added: “I think [fans] are gonna be pretty stoked, because each one of the other bands on there, they’re new bands comprised of a person who was a major celebrity from a really large band that went on to do something new — another really good clue for you and your listeners.”

Gigantour made its return last year for the first time since 2008. The multi-artist bill — with metal heavyweights MOTÖRHEAD, VOLBEAT and LACUNA COIL all personally picked by Mustaine — kicked off on January 26, 2012 in Camden, New Jersey and wrapped on March 3, 2012 in Austin.