DISTURBED Singer Clarifies His ‘Bad-Parenting’ Comments

DISTURBED frontman David Draiman has elaborated on his previous Twitter rant regarding parents who would take young children to see a midnight screening of the new Batman film, “The Dark Night Rises”.

After it was revealed that a 6-year old girl, Veronica Moser-Sullivan, was one of the victims of last week’s Colorado movie theater massacre, and a 3-month-old was among the injured, there has been some online criticism of parents who would bring a baby to such a film.

Draiman, who apparently received a number of negative responses to his earlier comments on this topic, took to Twitlonger.com (a related Twitter site that allows one to send tweets that require more than 140 characters) earlier tonight to clarify his views on the matter, stating, “OK, since apparently my rant is ‘news’ to some people, and since the braindead tend to pull what they want from whatever is said, let me be crystal clear.

“I have nothing but the deepest condolences for the families of the Denver Batman massacre. It is shocking beyond belief, and may the perpetrator of the crime be forced to toss Hitler‘s salad in hell for eternity.

“However, separate from the catastrophic event is the notion that somehow it is alright to take a three-month old infant (not a six-year-old child, although that is still questionable) to a showing of any movie is preposterous. Forget the fact that a three-month-old should be safe in bed at midnight, forget the fact their fragile immune systems shouldn’t be subjected to the bacterial petri dish that is a movie theatre. The primary issue is the effect that movie theatre sound often at dangerous levels of [decibels] can do permanent damage to a three-month-old infant’s still-developing hearing.

“This is separate from the massacre, and it is and will remain my opinion that those who would subject a three-month-old child to it are not only irresponsible, shitty parents, but they should also be charged with child endagerment.

“As Chris Rock said, ‘You can drive a car with your feet if you want to. That don’t make it a good fuckin idea.'”

Veronica was named on Saturday as one of the 12 victims of the Aurora cinema shooting. Another 58 people were injured when suspect James Holmes opened fire during a screening of “The Dark Knight Rises”.

Draiman revealed in a December 2011 interview that his plans during DISTURBED‘s current hiatus included an attempt to “impregnate my wife and have a baby.”

The singer married Lena Yada — a Japanese-American model, actress, professional tandem surfer and professional wrestler — on September 25, 2011 in Texas.


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