DISTURBED Singer Slams ‘Irresponsible’ Parents Who Take Kids To Late-Night Movie Showings

After it was revealed that a 6-year old girl, Veronica Moser-Sullivan, was one of the victims of last week’s Colorado movie theater massacre, there has been some criticism about parents who would take young children to see a midnight screening of the new Batman film, “The Dark Night Rises”.

DISTURBED singer David Draiman, who has never been afraid to voice his opinion on controversial topics, took to his Twitter account and tweeted a link to a CNN report which posed the question if infants were too young to be at late-night movie showings. Draiman first wrote “Yes, they are,” before further elaborating on Twitlonger.com (a related Twitter site that allows one to send tweets that require more than 140 characters), stating, “All you parents out there that think it’s OK to take your infants out on the town with you, to a movie theater or otherwise, do the world a favor. Give your children up for adoption to parents who know what it is to be a responsible parent, and sacrifice on behalf of their children. Get a damn babysitter.”

He added, “Maybe we should take infants to nightclubs and restaurants in the late hours of the night as well? Honestly, fuck off. This is why only certain people should be allowed the gift of a child. Too many simply aren’t ready for the responsibility.”

After apparently receiving several negative responses to his rant, Draiman wrote, “anyone who doesn’t like what’s being said on here, simply unfollow,” before tweeting, “Wow … Multiple-choice question, kids. People either 1. Can’t read 2. There are more shitty parents out there than I thought 3. All of the above.”

Veronica was named on Saturday as one of the 12 victims of the Aurora cinema shooting. Another 58 people were injured when suspect James Holmes opened fire during a screening of “The Dark Knight Rises”.


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