DIVINE TEMPTATION: New Album ‘Killer Suites’ Out Now

Austrian modern metallers DIVINE TEMPTATION are back with a vengeance. On their new studio album, “Killer Suites”, the five-piece throws a relentless bastard of prog, death and djent at mankind. Varied songwriting, punchy eight-string guitars, droning bass, lush drumming and multi-faceted vocals, all packed into tight production makes for a fresh and unconventional album. The thriving djent sound has left audible traces on the new album and increasingly replaces former progressive structures.
While the core lineup of the band has remained stable with Stefan Graf (guitar), Patrick Schrittwieser (drums) and Christoph Bammer (guitar, backing vocals), Marco “Snake” Modl (vocals, bass) decided to focus solely on vocals, which led to the addition of Johannes Leierer to handle bass duties. Thus, the overall sound became more sophisticated, still stickling for details, yet harder edged and more punchy.

“Killer Suites” was produced over a year’s time at Mirror Production Studio under the direction of Stefan Graf. The CD was independently released by the bandmembers themselves and is exclusively available at DivineTemptation.bandcamp.com either as regular jewel-case CD for €10 or as digital download on a pay-what-you-want-scheme.

The new DIVINE TEMPTATION offering may please all those music fans who are into modern, diversified metal with lots of low end as well as melodic arrangements.

“Killer Suites” track listing:

01. Killer Sweets
02. Incarnat
03. Lighthouse
04. This Dying Love
05. Strange Cargo
06. Peccavi
07. Deviance
08. Clairvoyance