DIVINITY Releases New Single ‘The Dead Speak From Beyond’

On December 21, Calgary, Alberta, Canada-based metallers DIVINITY released “The Dead Speak From Beyond” on their official web site. The song comes from part 1 of their upcoming trilogy release, “The Immortalist Trilogy, Part 1 – Awestruck”.

“The Dead Speak From Beyond” is actually a PERICARDIUM cover song from the album “Anthems Of Anger”, written by none other than the late Rob Doherty, who also played in INTO ETERNITY and FINAL DARKNESS. DIVINITY was first influenced by PERICARDIUM in the late ’90s, after hearing “The Dead Speak From Beyond” on a radio show called “The Anvil” on CJSW in Calgary. The band went on to rent a rehearsal space that turned out to be next door to Rob and PERICARDIUM and finally met him and his band. After seeing PERICARDIUM play live, they were instant fans and played a gig together in 2001. They also shared the stage when Rob joined INTO ETERNITY in 2003.

As DIVINITY was beginning to create new music in 2012, they had learned about Rob‘s sudden passing and felt they had to do something to pay tribute to all the positive influence he had among the band. So it became obvious to make the song “The Dead Speak From Beyond” a DIVINITY song and keep the legacy of Rob Doherty and PERICARDIUM alive and strong.

DIVINITY‘s version of “The Dead Speak From Beyond”:


Original PERICARDIUM recording of “The Dead Speak From Beyond”:



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