DOKKEN’s 1984 Album ‘Tooth And Nail’ Remembered In New Ebook

A new two-dollar ebook tells the story of the making of the DOKKEN album “Tooth And Nail”.Author Martin Popoff explains: “Fans in the know overwhelmingly pick DOKKEN‘s second proto-hair cruncher from 1984 as the band’s penultimate spread of sugar and spice. For this one, I talked to the entire band — Don Dokken, George Lynch, Jeff Pilson and ‘Wild’ Mick Brown — as well as producer Tom Werman, in an attempt to dissect and understand the massive wars between Don and George, the booze and cocaine, the hirings and firings.”This is an epic tale of ’80s excess, and Popoff‘s 12,800-word tale pulls no punches. Much of the convoluted early history of the DOKKEN band is divulged as well, but mostly, what we have here is a celebration of a platinum album that puffed its chest to VAN HALEN proportions only to become poisoned by toxic animosities.

“Ye Olde Metal: Dokken’s Tooth And Nail” is available as a 30-page ebook in PDF format from Zunior.


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