DORO: New Video Interview Posted Online

A streetside interview in New York City with German “metal queen” Doro Pesch can be seen below.

In conjunction with the Stateside release of the mammoth “25 Years In Rock” 2 DVD/CD set, Doro will perform two special shows in New York City on September 9 and Chicago on September 11. Both nights will include clips from the DVD, limited edition merchandise and an autograph session followed by a performance by the metal queen herself.

In a recent interview with Canada’s, Pesch discusses the new song “Raise Your Fist” which she played for the first time at last month’s Wacken Open Air festival in Wacken, Germany. “It was the first time I performed it,” she said. “It got great feedback. It will be a killer song. I want to play it at the two shows in the U.S. in September. On the 9th of September at the Gramercy Theatre, we want to do a great DVD release party show and bring highlights of the DVD and do a great concert with great guests and I definitely want to play ‘Raise Your Fist’ to bring something new and exciting for the fans. At Wacken . . . we played the anthem. It was originally written by a Wacken fan, a metalhead, and then I did my own thing to it. It was actually a diehard Wacken fan who did a demo and sent it to the promoter. He sent it to me and said, ‘Hey, how about we make a Wacken anthem and here’s an idea from a diehard Wacken fan.’ I listened to it and thought, ‘Hey that’s great.’ Then we worked on it and continued working on it. Just to tell you how that song came about, it was a collaboration with a diehard fan and it was actually really good. Sometimes the fans have the best ideas. It was so dead on. I always sing it at every concert in the States too. Usually people know what Wacken is, or they went there. It is a great honor to do it. I am always happy to be there.”

Released in Europe late last year (also via Nuclear Blast), the epic “25 Years In Rock” two-DVD/CD set includes Doro‘s 25-year anniversary show in its entirety as well as clips from her 2,500th concert and so much more.

“Fear No Evil”, the latest album from Pesch, was made available in North America in June 2009 via AFM/Dismanic/Ryko Distribution.

Released in Europe in January 2009 via AFM Records, “Fear No Evil” entered the German Media Control chart at position No. 11. This was the highest chart entry for Doro in her home country in almost 20 years.