DOWN Rejoined By Bassist REX BROWN In Dallas; Video Available

Bassist Rex Brown (KILL DEVIL HILL, DOWN, PANTERA) rejoined his former bandmates in DOWN on stage last night (Tuesday, September 18) at Trees in Dallas, Texas to perform two songs: “Stone The Crow” and “Bury Me In Smoke”.

Fan-filmed video footage of his appearance can be seen below.

During an April 2011 interview with High Times, former PANTERA and current DOWN frontman Philip Anselmo said that that since he underwent surgery in 2005 to repair several damaged disks in his back, he’s helped many friends get clean and that he has about a 50 precent success rate in getting them sober. One person that he said he couldn’t seem to help was his former PANTERA and DOWN bandmate Rex Brown. “That’s the only rift between me and Rex; other than that, we’re fucking best friends,” Anselmo said. “He just can’t stop fucking drinking.”

He added, “I’ve tried. I gave it my all and I love Rex Brown with all of my fucking heart and soul. But, goddamnit, he will not put down that fucking bottle for any of us. He is, and has been told, he is going to die. I’m gonna tell you this: He’s not gonna die on my time, because he ain’t drinking around ‘The Kid.’ Straight up. And that means he can’t be around right now, ’cause he’s fucking drinking. And that’s that. That’s that fucking story in a nutshell.”

Brown, who in 2009 was diagnosed with pancreatitis, a sudden inflammation of the pancreas, stated in a late 2011 interview about his health status, “It took them about five years to figure out what was going on. I had polyps on my pancreas, and what they did is they had to open me up. And I’ve never felt better in the last five years. . . I was in constant pain.”

Speaking to Radio Metal in February, Brown said, “Phil and I are very good friends. We’ve made a pact with each other that we wouldn’t talk about each other’s music. That would be cruel for the fans. I talk to Kirk [Windstein, DOWN guitarist] all the time, I talked to Pepper [Keenan, DOWN guitarist] just last week. There’s no animosity going on there. As part of my musical journey, I’ve moved on [from DOWN and am now playing with KILL DEVIL HILL].” He added, “My health is 300 percent better since I had this operation. I feel fine, I feel like I’m 25 again. I had some problems with my pancreas, that’s taken care of now. I went to the doctor two months ago; everything is fine.”

DOWN‘s current bassist is Patrick Bruders, who also plays with DOWN guitarist Kirk Windstein in CROWBAR.





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