DOWN To Play ‘One Or Two’ New Songs On Upcoming Tour

DOWN guitarist Kirk Windstein has revealed to that the band will “probably play one or two new” songs on their upcoming tour, which is scheduled to kick off tomorrow night (Friday, May 18) at The Station in Broussard, Louisiana.

DOWN entered the studio last October to begin recording the first in a series of four EPs, to be released over the next few years (with a year between EPs), each touching on a different aspect of the band’s sound.

The first six-song EP, which heralds the sound of DOWN going back to its roots, with influences from BLACK SABBATH, SAINT VITUS and WITCHFINDER GENERAL, will be released “late summer,” according to Windstein. “[It’s] kind of a throwback to what we were doing at the very beginning, on the ‘Nola’ record [DOWN‘s 1995 debut],” he said. “I think the fans are going to love it.”

DOWN frontman Philip Anselmo recently described the band’s new EP as “very stripped down. Nothing flashy. Straight to the point… really just DOWN music. If you liked the first record, the demos… something like that… This record, we’re pretty dead straight and honest and on the money as far as making it as simple and direct as possible and I think we did that. . . It has that practice-room vibe to it. We didn’t really try and fucking slick it out and anything. We went the more raw route, as far as an approach.”for yourselves and you guys will be better judges than myself at this point.”

The track listing for the effort is as follows (in no particular order):

01. Levitation
02. Witchtripper
03. The Misfortune Teller
04. The Curse Is A Lie
05. Open Coffins
06. This Work Is Timeless


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