Dream Theater fans

The Dream Theater team is plowing through the recording process strongly!  The band recently brought in Richard Chycki as their new producer/engineer, and Richard has taken to his blog to post about the job.  One of Chycki’s most recent blog updates is specifically about Dream Theater’s process in recording their new album. 

Chycki says in his post that “Over the past weeks, I’ve been in the studio with long-time friend James LaBrie of Dream Theater, recording vocals for the band’s new album that is quickly nearing completion.  I gotta tell ya, new drummer Mike Mangini is a monster player on the album.  I worked with him on LaBrie’s solo album Elements of Persuasion in 2005 and he was frightening (in a good way!) in the studio back then.”

In case anyone out there has been living under a rock and didn’t know – Mike Mangini was recently named the new drummer for Dream Theater, after auditioning for the band against some of the world’s best.  You can watch the video that declared Mangini as the new drummer on Roadrunner Records YouTube Channel here. 

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