DREAM THEATER In Moscow: Video Footage, Photos Available

Quality fan-filmed video footage of DREAM THEATER‘s July 12, 2011 concert at Crocus City Hall in Moscow, Russia can be viewed below. Photos of the show are available at Darkside.ru.

The group’s setlist was as follows:

01. Under a Glass Moon
02. These Walls
03. Forsaken
04. Endless Sacrifice
05. Drum Solo (by Mike Mangini)
06. The Ytse Jam
07. Peruvian Skies
08. The Great Debate
09. On the Backs of Angels
10. Happy Birthday (Mildred J. Hill cover) (to John Petrucci)
11. Caught In A Web
12. Through My Words
13. Fatal Tragedy
14. The Count of Tuscany


15. Learning To Live

In a recent interview with Prog Sphere, DREAM THEATER vocalist James LaBrie was asked how it feels to be “the undisputed frontman of the band for the first time in 20 years.” “The undisputed frontman?” he replied. “You know, I mean… it was such a weird dichotomy, if you think about it. It’s funny, you mentioning that, because we, the guys in the band, we were talking about that everything is much more balanced, everybody is in their role or in their position. So it’s where things should be on stage, where it’s not somebody in the background trying to grab the limelight when maybe they should just be grooving or whatever. But I mean, that’s [former DREAM THEATER drummer Mike Portnoy‘s] character, that’s just his personality. He’s big and he wants to be in the limelight. But, unfortunately, the problem with that is that it takes away from the bigger picture — and that is the band as a unit. And a lot of people have been commenting on that since we started out on this tour, saying, “It feels more like I’m watching a band, with somebody up front singing and interacting, everybody else just back there and (makes drumming and guitar playing gestures). Everyone kind of assumes what they’re doing. And then there’s always moments in the night when there is the spotlight on these other members and it should be. But it creates more a balance. And we were talking about this, we were saying, ‘You know, this is really cool.’ It feels like a unit. So it’s a lot better.”

On the topic of whether DREAM THEATER is going to add some B-sides or really rare stuff like “Speak To Me”, “Eve” or “Space-Dye Vest”, to the band’s setlist, LaBrie said, “At this point there’s no talk about that. The fact is that this is a whole new chapter for us, obviously. We have a new album coming out September 13, so the focus is really on making sure that that is set up properly, that that is going to get the attention it deserves because we’re extremely proud of it. At this point anything like that, any of the b-tracks or whatever you want to refer to — any extraneous parts to DREAM THEATER are still going to remain in the background — right now! I’m not saying it’ll never happen — right now!”