DREAM THEATER Keyboardist Performs At Microsoft’s ‘Build’ Conference

Keyboardist Jordan Rudess of progressive metal giants DREAM THEATER was featured on the main stage this past Tuesday (October 30) at the Microsoft Build developer conference on the company’s main campus in Redmond, Washington. Rudess, who is the founder of Wizdom Music — which is dedicated to pushing the boundaries of technology to create expressive and exciting tools for making music — showed off some apps that his group developed using a Surface RT and a giant Lenovo touch-capable all-in-one PC to make it happen with Windows 8. You can watch video footage of Jordan‘s appearance below. The entire 31-minute session is available for viewing at this location.

Jordan and Wizdom Music‘s chief programmer Kevin Chartier are the creators of the top-selling synth-app MorphWi which won first place in the category of “Best Music Creation App” in the 2010 Billboard Music App Awards, “Best Musical App” in the Best App Ever Awards and best “IPhone/Ipad/Itouch” app in the Electronic Musician‘s 2011 Editor’s Choice Awards. In addition to MorphWiz, they released the popular music apps Sample Wiz, and GeoSynth as well as Tachyon, which was released on July 25.



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