DREAM THEATER Keyboardist Releases ‘Tachyon’ App

Tachyon — the latest app by Wizdom Music‘s Jordan Rudess, the keyboardist for Grammy-nominated prog rock/metal icons DREAM THEATER, and chief programmer Kevin Chartierwas released for iOS devices today (Wednesday, July 25) via iTunes.
Tachyon allows images and sound to become one as they magically blend under the user’s fingertips. Each note played is an individual expression, allowing independent control of pitch and tone far beyond that of traditional instruments. Most instruments only allow the user to play one sound at a time, but with Tachyon they can seamlessly blend between any two sounds as they slide their fingers up and down the screen. The visual experience of Tachyon is just as mesmerizing; fields of twinkling stars morph into the shape of the selected instrument, allowing a direct correlation between sight and sound.
As described by Jordan Rudess, “Tachyon is simple to use and at the same time it offers a unique musical expressive power. The sonic core of the app is a custom-crafted sound set from my personal library, encompassing sounds as familiar as those you would find in your home toolbox, and as exclusive as the ones I use on tour with DREAM THEATER.”

Jordan and Kevin are also the creators of the top-selling synth-app MorphWiz, which won first place in the category of “Best Music Creation App” in the 2010 Billboard Music App Awards, “Best Musical App” in the Best App Ever Awards and “Best iPhone/iPad/iTouch” app in the Electronic Musician‘s 2011 Editor’s Choice Awards. In addition to MorphWiz, they have released the popular music apps Sample Wiz and GeoSynth.



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