Dream Theater’s Guitarist Talks Influences, Pushes New Drummer To The Limits

Dream Theater are putting the final touches on their highly anticipated new album A Dramatic Turn Of Events due out this September. Guitarist John Petrucci sat down with Ultimate Classic Rock and talked about his influences and how he pushed newcomer Mike Mangini to the limit.

I programmed all the drums with a program, which was a lot of fun. I came up with some wicked stuff. When we finished, I sent it, asking “Is this something that you can actually play? I don’t know, I’m not a drummer, is this a physically possible thing?” But then he came in a couple of months later, and here he was, a human being doing this stuff. I was blown away. It’s fun doing that kind of thing because you can just come up with stuff that’s beyond your wildest imagination, drum-wise, and then make it happen in real life.

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