DREAM THEATER’s MIKE MANGINI: More Drum-Cam Footage Available

Drum-cam footage of Mike Mangini of progressive metal giants DREAM THEATER performing the new song “Outcry”with his bandmates on October 11 at the Mayo Performing Arts Center in Morristown, New Jersey can be seen below.

Commented Mike: “Being trained in elementary school (orchestra), it helped me really [with things] like picking the right cymbal or drum to match a note on a wind or string instrument.

“Although I hit EVERYTHING on the kit except the 26″, 18” and pads in ‘Outcry’, this clip is enough to see why I have the splashes, trashes and toms arranged how I do. It is really, really hard to navigate some distances (you’ll see I missed one 18″ Oriental hit), but it is worth it and lots of fun. I’d love to try this on a four-piece kit at a clinic one day, but it would not satisfy the young ‘kid’ in me.

“I’m really happy most all DREAM THEATER fans support and allow me to share this kind of thing having it actually understood. You are the best!”

In a recent interview with Zoiks! Online, Mangini stated about the fan reaction to his addition to DREAM THEATER, “It depends on what you mean by fan reaction, because there are people who have seen the show and then there are people who have not seen the show, so you have to divide them into two distinctly different groups. A lot of times the people who haven’t seen it have more to say, but they haven’t seen it, so I don’t know what that is all about sometimes. The people that have seen it, by the third song they are making me feel so welcome that it has transformed everything for me to another level. It makes it that much easier because they have been overwhelmingly positive. It’s great.”

When asked about the fact that DREAM THEATER‘s current tour setlist is remaining consistent for the entire duration of the trek as opposed to when Mike Portnoy was a member of the band and it would change from night to the next, Mangini said, “The consistent setlist is the way to go. It allows the crew to be consistent each night. It allows the transitions to be consistent. It allows us to get comfortable with the flow. For me I wouldn’t want to mix up the set at all, because I haven’t been in the band for too long. My past would dictate that just throwing songs in would be risky for the flow… It might be fun, though. I don’t know; I’ve never done it.”